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Fustic. - NGHĨ KĨ

NGHĨ KĨ is an observation of the thinking process. The awareness of one’s stream of consciousness triggers the experimentation on chaos in the realm of thoughts. Those who are aware of their own chaotic mind would control, embrace, or merely observe the complexity of its effect.

Music: Trung Bao & NamLeDay Creative direction: Fustic. Studio, Duy Dao


Art direction: Trung Bao Visual art / Animation: Namleday, Hải Doãn, Hiếu Vũ, Gydient

Graphic Design: Duy Đào

Concept art: Kanish Cyriacus Augmented Reality design: Karolina Olech (BAWA)


Analog Visual / Cel Animation: Raymo Ventura, Rozz

Art direction: Phương Vũ

Mixed Media Animation: Mọc, Poki Extra

3D Animation: Bá Việt

AI Research: Anh Khang


Riso Print Animation: Tú Lê, Jay Vu Painting: Hoạ sĩ Thái Hùng

Visual Artists: Thong Dinh (ONEARTEVERYDAY); Bijan Berahimi (FISK), underscoreblock (BOX), Cường Nguyễn (MXC CREATIVE)

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